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Shandong Kexinde Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of food machinery and equipment for food, beverage, health care products, medicine and other industries. Our company’s main products are retort machine , frying machine, potato chips production lines, french fries¬† production lines, coating machines, industrial cleaning machines, etc.


Dilvery of Crate Washing Machine

The automatic large pallet washing machine is suitable for cleaning large pallets with large volume and heavy weight. One machine can wash pallets of different sizes. The washing volume supports cu...

Product introduction of sterilizing pot and sterilizing pot
The sterilizing pot is also called the sterilizing pot. The function of the sterilizing pot is very extensive, and it is mainly used in various fields such as food and medicine. The sterilizer is ...
Process flow of chicken chop flour machine
The chicken steak flouring machine has a large output, evenly coated with flour, and good scale effect. It is suitable for processing and conditioning foods in large factories. Applicable products:...